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The Athlon Sports 2022 Pro Football Annual heralds another season of NFL action with sideline-to-sideline coverage of all 32 teams.

In “15 Things to Watch in 2022,” we discuss Tom Brady’s return to Tampa Bay (and head coach Bruce Arians’ departure), Aaron Rodgers’ attempt at an MVP three-peat, Tua Tagovailoa’s enhanced weaponry and added pressure in Miami, the Rams-ification of the NFL and much more.

Speaking of the Super Bowl champion Rams, we take an in-depth look at the methodology that Sean McVay and Co. used to build a championship team in our feature story “All In” and the lessons that their approach offered the rest of the league. The Rams pushed their chips to the center of the table last season, and the result was a championship. Who’s got that opportunity in 2022?


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