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I received a refund. Why?

If an order was paid and you receive a refund without making a request, there are several possible reasons:

There is a small chance an item you purchase will sell out between the time you place your order and the time the order is filled and ready for shipment. If this occurs, we will refund you immediately.

Our system processed a refund because payment was not approved by our processor. Unfortunately, we are not provided any details regarding the reason for the decline. If the processor detects fraud signals during a purchase, your order may be cancelled, and the card refunded to protect all parties involved.

We may issue a refund if more information is needed to properly process your order. ( i.e. full recipient information, ambiguous or insufficient address , etc.) We will contact the buyer via email to request more information. If the request goes unanswered, the order will be cancelled and a refund will be provided.