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Kandy Magazine Winter 2022 Issue Best of 2021

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Hooters Girl ISABELL ANN first magazine cover! Inside Collectors 8 x 10 Isabel Ann 8x10 Miss Kandy January 2022

+ INSIDE 50 of 2021's Kandy girls including Kindly Myers, Tiffany Toth, Shelby Chesnes, Nikki Leigh, Irina Voronina, Lindsey Pelas, Marissa Everhart, Kourtney Reppert, Laurie Young, Bri Stern, Maddie Moore, Britty Ana, Jessica Hall, Ciara Price, Colleen Shannon, Christina Riordan, Claudia Fijal, Leah Speake of England, and many more Kandy magazine models

+ ALL 6 MISS KANDY 2022 CANDIDATES - Marissa Victoria of New York, Natalie Gibson of California, Sarah Sinclair of Texas, Kendel Kay of San Diego, Kristin Daniells of Texas, Erin Marie of Las Vegas,

+ Best of 2021 - NFTs, Crypto, Gadgets, Sports, Music, Travel, Cars, Movies, Gaming and more

+ How old is too old to start a family? Our Roadmap for Men in their 40s and 50s

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