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How do I send a magazine to a prison, jail or corrections facility?

The first step in the process is to check with the correctional facility’s guidelines prior to purchasing magazines as some facilities allow for magazine subscriptions ONLY and do not allow single issue magazines.

We ship to the address provided with the order! Make sure the address to the facility is correct! We are not responsible for incomplete or wrong address issues with orders. USE the jail website!!! Also, you can use the following links to assist with finding the correct address to use but ensure with the facility the information is correct.

Magazine subscriptions ship directly from Publishers Clearing House. Some magazine subscriptions may take 10 -12 weeks before the first issue is received. If your loved one has not received his/her first magazine subscription issue sixty (60) days after purchase, then you should contact us.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR CANCELLATIONS. Once an order is processed, we cannot offer refunds, credits or cancellations for magazine subscriptions or single issue magazine purchases. The reason for this is because our Clearing House does not allow for refunds, credits or cancellations once an order is processed.