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Shipping & Delivery Estimates for Magazine Subscriptions

Shipping & Delivery Estimates for Magazine Subscriptions

Most magazines are delivered (Bound Printed Matter) via the United States Postal Service (USPS) but in some instances publishers will use a courier.

As a general rule, please expect between 8-12 weeks for your first issue to arrive. This timeframe is industry standard. In general, you can expect frequently published titles to arrive faster than titles published quarterly. Also, keep in mind that some magazine publishers pre-print mailing labels in advance in order to save money on printing costs, and in some cases this can delay the arrival of your first issue. For the most part, you can expect your first issue to arrive within the following delivery windows:

Weekly Magazines: 5-7 weeks after ordering

Monthly Magazines: 6-8 weeks after ordering

Seasonal or Less-Frequent Magazines: Up to 12 weeks after ordering

However, many of our top-selling magazines will arrive faster than these estimates. If for some reason you have been waiting over 12 weeks for your first issue, simply contact us for faster resolution.